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Last Updated: 24th January 2021


With the world still currently in the grip of the COVID-19 (Coronovirus) pandemic, the wedding industry (amongst many others) have been greatly affected. We are closely monitoring government guidelines and adapting as a business to keep our clients, their guests and our team safe. This will inevitably leave you with questions about existing bookings or what to do if you are thinking of placing a booking with us.  This is all new territory for everyone so our policy may change depending on future government advice.

Existing bookings:
In 2020, every single one of our clients postponed and now some of our 2021 clients have also decided to do so too. Should you already have a booking with us and are thinking of postponing or even cancelling due to the ongoing pandemic, then we will try to accommodate this without additional charge or loss of money to you. Simply give us a call or drop us an email/text message/WhatsApp with your new proposed date(s) and we’ll let you know if we are available or not. Should we be available, we’ll simply swap over your booking and that’s it! Should we not be available, then we will provide a refund for any monies paid so far if there is still reasonable uncertainty that your wedding might not be able proceed as normal – normal being defined by us as 15-guests or more allowed for the ceremony AND receptions allowed to proceed). Where cancellations are requested but there are no likely Covid restrictions for your wedding date, your deposit may be retained and normal cancellation rules apply. In circumstances where you are determined to go ahead with your wedding but may need to reduce coverage to just the essentials, please contact us and we may be able to adjust your package to a core service at a reduced price (ceremony & immediate photoshoot only).

New Bookings:
Despite all the uncertainty 2020 (and to a degree now 2021) has brought, it is still important for everyone to have something nice to look forward to, so we are still open for new bookings. Rest assured, should your new booking become affected by updated Government guidelines (movement, venue closures or venue capacity for social distancing), we will work with you to move the date without penalty as outlined above for existing bookings. Should we be unable to move the date, we will refund your deposit.

How Things Will Be Different On The Day:
We pride ourselves in candid, no fuss coverage so our style and approach will not vary much. However, social distancing may still be a factor in 2021 (and possibly 2022) and this may impact capturing any footage/photography in extremely enclosed spaces such as a hotel room or small house. Where ample space cannot be provided or numbers cannot be limited (in line with government advice) coverage will start from your main venue for guest arrivals. This is not a blanket policy and each wedding will be treated on a case-by-case basis and in conjunction with Government guidelines. It will also mean that until government advice changes, those booking photography and requesting group shots can only be done in a responsible, socially-distant manner. Don’t worry, we’ll try and be creative as possible so it doesn’t look like you are all strangers, but we will be observing whatever the distancing rules are at the time of your wedding. Until further notice, our team will also be wearing face masks whilst indoors and when in close proximity outdoors. For video bookings, we do use microphones to capture great audio – we will ensure any equipment we share with you is fully sanitised immediately before use. Also, we are normally very sociable people and like to shake hands and give a nice big hug at the end of the night – that will have to stop for the time being so please don’t think us rude – we can air-hug!

Other Questions:
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime using the contact function at the bottom of the screen. We can be contacted by phone, email, text message or WhatsApp.


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