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Listed here are some of the most common queries we receive. Should you still have any outstanding questions, please do not hesitiate to contact us. Thank you.


How far in advance should I book?

There are no minimum requirements but to avoid disappointment you may need to book as early as 12-18 months before your wedding date – sometimes longer for peak periods. If your wedding is on a Saturday, these days fill up very quickly so you should definitely book early. Also, as we now restrict the amount of work we accept each year, once we reach our quota bookings will be closed for that particular year.

However, don’t let that put you off. The latest we have managed to do a wedding was booked only the day before so if you are really, really lucky we may still be able to help!

Which member of the team will shoot my wedding?

For all photography packages, it is myself Tony Hailstone that will be with you. In addition, for those booking our Luxury Video packages I shoot those too.

For all other video packages, typically a member of our support team will be with you. These packages allow you to make great savings over standard industry rates but your exact videographer could change depending on each individuals work calendar. All of our team shoots to the same brief using similar equipment and have previous wedding experience.

For dual Photography & Video Package, the Highlight package is shot only by myself (as I dual operate the photography and video). For dual packages with the feature length video, I shoot your photography and a member of my support team will shoot your video.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer (preferred) or credit/debit cards via PayPal

How much is the deposit and when is rest due?

Deposit is £150 with all packages. Remaining balance is due 21-days before your wedding, although can be paid off any time prior to that

Are you insured?

Of course! We have Public Liability cover for £1m and Professional Indemnity insurance. We are happy to supply a copy of our certificates upon request (some venues will require it)

What happens if I need to cancel?

Something may occur meaning you need to cancel your wedding booking with us. To cancel, you should put this in writing (via email or post) AND follow it up with a phone call. We will send you written confirmation once your booking is cancelled. Depending on how much notice you give us, you may still be required to pay for the entire balance, or simply lose your deposit. As a rule, if you give us less than 60-days notice, the entire balance is due. More than 60-days, you lose your deposit only. For all bookings, any out-of-pocket expenses will need to be reimbursed regardless of notice period (e.g. flight tickets for international weddings)

What happens if I need to postpone or change the date of my wedding?

Give us a call and if we are free on the new date, we’ll simply switch over your booking. If we are not free on your new date, then this will be treated as a cancellation and normal rules apply. Please note, if we accept a change of date, you will not be allowed to switch dates again and the full balance will be due regardless of notice period

What happens if the weather is bad?

Welcome to the UK – home of the unpredictable weather. Bad weather can affect coverage but only so far as an outdoor shoot may need to move indoors. Come rain or shine, we’re there to cover the day – long as our equipment isn’t put at risk, there are very few conditions we cannot shoot in.

For EXTREME weather such as heavy snow, we may need to cancel your booking with very little notice if we cannot safely get to you. We’ll keep an eye on weather patterns leading up to your wedding and make appropriate travel arrangements to avoid missing the big day. Should we be unable to get to you, you will be entitled to a refund of any monies you have paid to us.

Should the weather turn bad during your wedding – putting us at risk of being stranded – we may need to leave earlier than scheduled. We do not offer any compensation for this and you should also consider your own guests safety as they will be in the same situation


What time do you start shooting?

We recommend starting the photography approx 2-3 hours before your wedding commences so we can capture the latter part of your Bridal Preparations. This is entirely optional though and we can start with Guest Arrivals if you prefer

What is your photographic style?

Photo-journalistic is probably a good description. We like to be natural, candid and spontaneous. We’re not big fans of posey pictures although we will encourage you to have a few!

How many group photos can we have?

We don’t have specific rules but we highly recommend keeping group photos (the formal ones after the ceremony) to ten or less. The reason being each photo will take several minutes, once you start adding them all up, your time gets eaten away very, very quickly.

I hate posing for photos – can I have all the photos taken naturally?

Of course! In fact the majority of what we shoot is all natural. If you would prefer to skip the formal group and couple photo session, just let us know

Is a photo album included?

To keep prices low, these are not included. You are given free copyright clearance to arrange your own printing

How are the photos delivered?

You have a choice of USB stick or digital download (most popular)

Can I share my photos on Facebook?

Of course! We just ask you give us a small credit

How long does it take before I receive the photos?

We aim to have the photos with you in around 6-weeks – this is just an estimate though and can be shorter or longer

Airbrushing and Photoshopping are two general terms that are over used and normally refer to making someone look like a catalogue model. In short, no we don’t. We want to bring out your natural beauty, not some magazine fakery. However, we do touch up a small selection of photos (the big shots) to remove temporary marks such as spots, cuts, bruises and other blemishes but we will not change your overall appearance. We do edit every single photo but this is focusing more on colour, contrast, tone, composition and other techie-photo stuff


What type of cameras do you use?

We use cameras very similar to the photography as they are small, discreet and most importantly offer excellent quality – even better than some of the giant cameras other companies may use

Will I need to speak to the camera or do any acting?

No. Never. The video is always 100% natural

What’s the difference between DVD, HD and Ultra HD 4K

DVD is the most popular disc format in the UK. Introduced roughly 20 years ago, it represented a giant leap in picture quality on a disc no bigger than a CD. It was a revolution. Times have changed though and despite DVD still being the most popular format, HD (High-Definition) was the next leap in quality, offering 4-times the resolution of DVD. HD itself is not a disc format although it is what Blurays are encoded in. If you have Sky HD or have watched any good quality video online or a Bluray disc, you will have watched HD material. Ultra HD then, makes another similar leap as HD did for DVD. Offering a whopping SIXTEEN TIMES the resolution of DVD, Ultra HD (also referred to as 4K) is a next-generation video format offering unparalleled detail and quality. For our Luxury Packages this is what we shoot in so we are starting from the highest quality source material. We then covert this into whichever format you like (DVD, Bluray or download) in addition to providing you an Ultra HD master copy

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