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Last update 9/1/2023

We / Us / Our – Tony Hailstone Video & Photography
Client / You / Your / Yourselves / Yourself – Billing Person


  1. Our package prices do not include any travel, bespoke or out-of-package requirements you may have (e.g. multi-day shoots, destination weddings, overtime requirements etc). You should contact us for an accurate price before booking.
  2. A non-refundable deposit of £150 is required to secure your date with the remainder due 28-days before your wedding. The deposit rate is payable per day booked (e.g. multi-day wedding events). Your date is not secured until payment has been received. We accept credit and debit cards and bank transfer. Once your deposit is received your booking is confirmed and you are bound by our Terms & Conditions.
  3. Destination weddings (all locations except mainland England & Wales) will require advance payment of flights/accommodation costs.
  4. Should final payment not be cleared before the wedding date, we reserve the right to not attend your wedding and still charge the full amount due to help recoup our losses after holding your wedding date for you since booking. Please see our cancellation policy below.


  1. In most circumstances the deposit of £150 (per day booked) is non-refundable. If your deposit amount differs the same policy applies to the sum you paid. In case of bereavement or serious illness/injury of either partner or immediate family member preventing the wedding going ahead, a full refund will be offered (plus any additional monies you’ve paid up until that point). We will also provide a refund of the deposit should pandemic restrictions prevent you from getting married on the original date booked. If you reschedule and we are not available on the new date, we will return any monies paid including the deposit minus any upfront out of pocket expenses such as flights, accommodation. If we are available on the new date, we’ll transfer over your booking. If you choose not to reschedule, normal cancellation rules apply.
  2. Should either or both partners decide to not proceed with the wedding (or our services), a refund of the deposit will not be provided. The deposit helps support our advertising, admin and day-to-day running costs in addition to providing exclusive use of our services on the date you booked us for.
  3. All cancellations must be sent via email AND followed up with a phone call. We will send you written confirmation of cancellation and any outstanding fees that may be due.
  4. Refund terms: Less than 90-days notice – full outstanding balance due. More than 90-days notice – loss of deposit plus any essential out of pocket expenses already incurred (such as flights, accommodation for destination weddings for which we cannot be refunded).
  5. In the event of you changing your wedding date (excluding pandemic restrictions), we will try to do this with no additional charge. However, should we not be free on your new date, normal cancellation rules and fees apply. Should we accept a change of date, you will not be able to alter or cancel the new date (except for pandemic restrictions) and will be responsible for the full amount due for your package whether it goes ahead or not.
  6. In the unlikely event of failure of your venue/wedding celebrant/official/partner or any other critical element resulting in you needing to cancel or postpone your wedding, normal cancellation notice periods and charges will apply.


  1. In the unlikely event illness or injury prevents the team member(s) we have booked attending your wedding, we will use our network of contacts to try and send a replacement where availability and time allow. We cannot guarantee this (no supplier can) but will make our best effort to do so.
  2. In the unlikely event of a team members sickness or serious injury occurring during your actual wedding day, we will attempt to either carry on with a single member of the team (where photo & video have both been booked) and/or get cover for the remainder of the shift. The latter is not always possible depending on the location, date and time. In the event coverage has to be terminated, refunds (either partial or full) will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In situations where injury was the result of negligence of your wedding venue, guests, yourselves or any kind of assault by any persons present, no refund will be offered.


  1. In the unlikely event of our need to cancel your booking for any reason other than non-payment by yourself, you will be entitled to a full refund of any monies you have paid us including any of our upfront out-of-pocket expenses we may have requested from you (such as for flights/accommodation). That is the limit to which you will be reimbursed and will not be due any compensation.
  2. For both photography and video packages, we will attempt to put you in contact with an alternative supplier of suitable quality – however, you will need to arrange booking and payment terms directly with them. You are under no obligation to use them.


  1. Due to the live nature of weddings and events, with many elements being out of our control, we cannot guarantee of any specific element being captured. Of course we endeavour to cover what we can within your package description.
  2. It is the clients responsibility to secure access for coverage on the day. This includes contacting all venues and paying any necessary filming/photographic fees. It is also the clients responsibility to check any rules for coverage as some venues (churches mainly) may heavily restrict access during the service (in exceptional circumstances it may not be allowed at all). We cannot be held responsible for lost/poor coverage as a result of limited/restricted access to your venues.
  3. We use excellent equipment to get the best out of your day but we cannot be held responsible for poor coverage as a result of bad weather, poor lighting, restricted access or guest interference.
  4. We reserve the right to leave your wedding immediately should any guests or members of the wedding party be aggressive, abusive or violent towards any of our staff. This includes tampering, damage or theft of our equipment. Should this occur, we will assemble photos/video (depending on package) based on what was shot up until the point we left. You will not have any claim for compensation as a result of lost coverage. Should our equipment be damaged or stolen by a wedding guest, member of the wedding party, staff or any member of the public, any lost coverage will not be compensated for and the person(s) responsible may be prosecuted. We encourage you to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and report it immediately to the venue and ourselves.


  1. We encourage clients to submit a groups photo list in order to stay organised on the day. We limit this to approximately 10-shots in order to minimise the formal shooting (we are primarily candid photographers). This list is used as a guide but is not grounds for a refund (partial or whole) should certain photographs not get completed.
  2. We advise assigning a member of the wedding party to help round up people during the group photos. We cannot be held responsible for named persons going missing, refusing to be photographed or misbehaving on the photos.
  3. We want you to feel relaxed on the day with regards to the photography but on understanding there will be a very limited window after the service in which to perform the formal shots. We highly recommend scheduling at least 30-45 minutes for your photos following the service. Winter weddings may have even less time available due to the earlier sunset.


  1. We do not insist but it is very welcomed if a hot meal can be arranged for us at your wedding. When including travel we may be working for over 12-hours so would require something more substantial than sandwiches. Many venues will provide suppliers with free meals or can reassign (at your request) a meal for a guest that did not turn up. Should a hot meal not be available, we will require at least a 1-hour uninterrupted break in which to get food – this may mean leaving the site if food is not available on site.
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