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Wedding Videography

A wedding video shoot with us is different from most.  You don’t need to pose, you don’t need to speak to the camera and we won’t boss you around. In fact, the only thing you will need to do is enjoy your wedding day!

We are proud that we have been asked by hundred’s of couples to capture their special day. Our popularity has grown over the years by providing high quality wedding films at reasonable prices, all without interference on your wedding day. Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera so our aim is to take all pressure off by just letting you get on with things. The greatest compliment we can have is that you forgot we were even there!

On the wedding day, we’ll arrive early to capture some of your preparations – should you want us to that is. We’ll then head on over to your venue to grab some shots of the surroundings and your guests as they arrive. We’ll get everything in place ready for your own arrival! Once you’re inside the building, we’ll be eagerly awaiting up front of the ceremony room for that all-important walk down the aisle (and those last few nervous jitters from your partner 🙂 )

Once the service begins, we’ll ideally remain up front but taking a position off to one of the sides so we can get a great shot throughout, but enough out of your way so we are not distracting to you or your guests. This day is about you, not us, so we will be respectful of that at all times. In fact, some Bride’s request we shoot from the back of the venue and in a handful of occasions, not film the ceremony at all – it’s entirely up to you. We’re here to make the film you want.

Wedding Videography by Tony Hailstone

Once the ceremony is over, the rest of the day is all relaxed. We’ll bounce between what your and your guests are up to, trying to capture as much of the big (and small!) details from your day. We’ll be on hand to capture the speeches too but like with anything, if you don’t want us to, just ask! We’ll finally end things on the evening when the last of the formalities is completed – your first dance. Be sure to show us your best moves haha.

The above is a example of a typical wedding, but each one is unique in its own way so we have a variety of video packages depending on your specific needs. From small, intimate weddings to multi-day, multi-city epics with hundreds of guests, we have got you covered.

Autumn Wedding at The Mercure, Bewdley - Wedding Photographer

All our videos are captured in beautiful HD quality with an optional upgrade to 4K Ultra HD available with some packages. Even though as a business we provide both video & photography services, you are under no obligation to book both with us. We’ll happily work alongside a photographer you have already booked elsewhere. If you haven’t booked one though, you should check out our photography work too 🙂

The video is absolutely stunning and captured the day brilliantly, it had us both in tears. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

Sarah & SamNorthamptonshire, March 2018

Music-only £195| Speeches overlay £295
***Available with a photography package only***

Save a ton of money and have your photographer capture both the video & the pictures at the same time.

Not everyone has the time (or patience) to watch a longer film nor have an interest in watching the ceremony back, so this package is ideal if that sounds like you or your friends! We’ll create you a beautiful, short film of your special day during the suitable gaps in the photography.

Your final Main Feature will run approximately 3-5 minutes – perfect for sharing on social media. But not only that, we’ll also record the Speeches in full and supply that as a separate video, great for remembering the nice (and not-so-nice stories) from the Best Man.

Our Short N Sweet (Add-on) Package is available in two different styles, pick the one that suits you best. You can have one with music only – perfect if you hate your own voice – or alternatively a version which plays snippets of the speeches over the top of the highlights from your day. Choice is yours!

Supplied as a Digital HD Download.

Music-only £550 | With Speeches overlay £650

Same as our Short N Sweet add-on package but this one comes with its own videographer, can be booked separately and also includes the full Main Ceremony. Provided as a Triple Feature: Full Ceremony, Full Speeches, Main Feature (3-5 minutes Highlight video) as a Digital HD Download.

STANDARD VIDEO PACKAGE (up to 8.5 hours*) | £650

Starting with guest arrivals one hour before the ceremony and ending with first dance (where time allows), we’ll naturally capture all the big moments from your day and present it as a beautiful feature film approx 20-30 minutes long. Also includes the full, uncut ceremony & speeches as a standalone video. Live audio is recorded during the ceremony and speeches. Provided as a Digital Download (also included on USB stick when booked with our Photography Package).

*coverage begins with guest arrivals and ends with first dance/8:30pm/8.5 hours after arrival (whichever comes first)

FULL DAY (up to 11 hours) | £950

From morning until night, this package offers bags of time in which to capture all the major parts of your day. Presented as a TRIPLE FEATURE with the Main Film (approx 20-30 minutes), Online Montage (typically 3-5 minutes) plus full uncut Main Ceremony & Speeches. Supplied in a mini Wooden USB Keepsake Box, converted for optimal playback on your TV.

PREMIER VIDEO 4K PACKAGE (up to 12 hours) | £1450

Sorry, not available with our Photography package. We are happy to work alongside a photographer you book elsewhere.

Personally filmed by myself , you’ll be getting the ultimate experienced wedding videographer for your big day. Filmed in stunning 4K Ultra HD, with sixteen times the detail compared to DVD, I will document your special day into a beautiful, modern wedding film. Shot using the latest cameras designed for cinematic quality in low-light, your film will be carefully edited with the latest hardware and software – your wedding film will look and sound amazing. With up to 12-hours cover, no travel charges in England & Wales, flexible start and finish and many of our bonus features, this is the ultimate video package.

Presented as:
Feature Film (approx 20-30 minutes)
Enhanced Montage (3-5 mins)
Full uncut ceremony & speeches (runtime varies)
Extended Footage (runtime varies)

Supplied on:
Mini Wooden USB Stick in both HD and 4K Ultra HD

Bonus Features included with Premier Video 4K:
Vintage or Modern Slideshow | Guest Messages | 14-day Priority Edit


BESPOKE PACKAGES | Contact for Estimate

If your wedding has more demanding needs than our core packages offer, we can create a Bespoke Package just for you. Services we can provide include (but not limited to):

Multi-Day Weddings (e.g. Asian weddings)
Multiple Camera Operators
Destination Weddings
Extended multi-hour feature film edits
Drone, Gimbal or Crane coverage
Subtitles/language translation
Cinematic (staged) scenes
Higher-end cameras (above 4K resolution)

Prices start from £2000 | Limited Availability



Coverage for any video package must begin no later than 1-hour before the ceremony starts (2 hours before if any prep is involved) unless you have requested for the main ceremony to NOT be filmed. Our Short ‘N Sweet (standalone) & Feature Film packages expire shortly after first dance, when the time allowance is over or 8:30pm (whichever comes first). Our Full Day & Premier 4K Packages expire at 10pm or when time allowance expires (whichever comes first) unless pre-agreed otherwise.


Need more coverage that doesn’t quite fit any of the packages? Simply add it on during booking.

Filming Overtime:
£50 per half hour (includes editing charges)
Note: Overtime not available with Platinum 4K Package as daily maximum already included


^ Feature already included with Full Day Video Package | * Feature already included with Platinum 4K

Mini Wooden USB Stick Keepsake Box – £50 each^*
Vintage or Modern Slideshow – £150*
Online Montage Of The Day – £150^*

Priority Editing – Get Your Film Faster
3-day £400 | 7-day £300
14-day £200^ | 21-day £150
Normal turnaround time is typically 2-4 months from the wedding day. Priority Editing must be booked before the wedding date so we can guarantee delivery dates. Editing time does not start until you have supplied us with all necessary information (e.g. music list) or 10am the day after the wedding – whichever is last.


All packages except Premier 4K can be combined with any of our Photography Packages and receive a discount of £50 on the package price. Alternatively if you have already booked your photographer, we’ll happily work alongside them. You do not need to book both services with us.


Possible Additional Charges

1. Any cover starting earlier than 9am or finishing later than 10pm may incur additional charges
2. Travel is included for many places in England & Wales but extremes of both countries may incur additional charge to cover fuel & time spent travelling. This includes all coastal counties, all of Scotland & any non-mainland UK wedding. There are no travel charges in mainland England & Wales for our Platinum Package.
3. Other Travel Costs – certain locations may incur additional charges for parking, congestion fees, tolls and/or use of public transport (taxi/Uber) depending on the location of the venue(s) you have specified. Whilst we absorb some costs, anything over £10 combined is charged to client after the wedding. Because of our need to carry heavy equipment, use of our own car and a nearby parking space (less than 200 meters from venue entrance) is always preferred.
4. Venue charges (e.g. Church fees). We do not cover these so you will be responsible for paying these prior to the wedding. Please contact us if your venue is planning to charge you as we may be able to alter coverage to reduce/remove their fees

Coverage Limitations

Some useful information about what is/is not covered on the day:

The latest we will start is 1-hour before the ceremony begins. This is essential in order to successfully setup and film guest arrivals. If you would like any preparations covered, it must take place before then.

Your package time allowance begins soon as we arrive at the first venue you have requested. We recommend selecting venues close to each other to minimise redundant time driving.

Coverage for the day ends with the first dance or once your package time allowance expires – whichever is first. Overtime is available in 30-minute units. Our Platinum Package is not restricted to the first dance and only limited by the time allowance.

Any filming requested to commence before 9am or finish after 10pm is charged extra and should be booked in advance to avoid clashes with work we may have scheduled on either side of your wedding.


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