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Wedding Photography & Video Packages

We offer several great packages that cover most wedding requirements. You can book photography, video or both – we’re also happy to work alongside another supplier you may have already booked (for example if you have already booked a photographer and need just video, we’re happy to do that).
If you need something bespoke or are getting married abroad (outside mainland UK) simply contact us with as much information as possible about your wedding and we’ll happily provide a quote.


Coverage commences with the guest arrivals approximately one hour before the ceremony and will end shortly after the first dance/8:30pm or after 8.5 hours from arrival (whichever comes first). This is ideal if no prep is required nor do you need us late into the evening.
Comprehensive coverage from prep to party. You have up to 11-hours to have us capture your special day which can be used however you like.


Captured by myself, I’ll provide comprehensive coverage during the time you have booked me for with no travel charges in many English & Welsh counties (areas located on the extremities of the country may be extra. Please contact us for pricing). Photos provided on a mini Wooden USB stick PLUS online download access (12 months).
Standard | £995
Full Day | £1450


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Wedding Photography by Tony Hailstone - UK Wedding Photographer


All our fantastic video packages are captured naturally. No posing, no talking to the camera. Just go about your day at let us take care of the rest. Choose from one of our three main editing/filming styles:


Filmed by a member of my team, this is a short 3-5 minute video condensing our time with you into a beautiful, bite-sized video. As a bonus we will also include the Full Main Ceremony & Speeches as separate videos.
Standard | £550
Full Day | £800

Filmed by a member of my team, this is an extended feature film approximately 25-30 minutes in length. As a bonus we will also include the Full Main Ceremony & Speeches as separate videos. As an additional bonus our Full Day video package also comes with the Short N Sweet Highlight Video too.
Standard | £650
Full Day | £850


For couples with larger weddings and budgets, we can provide a quote for your individual requirements. Bespoke options can include longer shooting days, multi-day events, pre or post-wedding filming (ideal for adding in additional cinematic shots not possible on the wedding day itself), more camera operators, destination weddings and more! Simply let us know your needs and we’ll pop you over a quote.


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Wedding Photography by Tony Hailstone - UK Wedding Photographer


Why choose between just the photos or video when you can have both!


Photography Plus Video Highlights (3-5 minutes)
Save money by having me do everything on the day. Not only will I capture you the best wedding photographs, during suitable gaps I’ll also film a beautiful, modern highlight wedding video (3-5 minutes) for you which features clips from your day with snippets of audio from the speeches played over the top. This is perfect if you don’t require a longer video nor want to have a separate person doing the filming. A great way to keep the coverage discreet. As an extra bonus we’ll provide a video of the full uncut speeches too.

Standard Photography Plus Video Highlights – £1545 £1300 (save £245*)
Full Day Photography Plus Video Highlights – £2250 £1750 (save £500*)

*Savings are based on our Short N Sweet video package and are made possible by not having a separate videographer (I will capture both). If you would one of my dedicated videographers to attend, the regular Short N Sweet Packages can be booked at full price alongside a photography package.

Photography Plus Feature Film
Exact same coverage as our regular Photography and Feature Film packages except with a discount to say thank you for booking both. Includes both the photographer (myself) and a dedicated videographer from my team.

Standard Photography & Standard Video | £1645 £1545 (save £100)
Full Day Photography & Standard Video | £2100  £1950 (save £150)
Full Day Photography & Full Day Video | £2300 £2100 (save £205)


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Check our availability by starting an online chat or using the contact form below. If we are free, you can book easily online with just a deposit of £100/£150 due (one package/two packages). Bespoke packages may require a larger deposit or upfront costs (e.g. flights & accommodation if a destination wedding). If you have any questions, just ask – we’re only a button-press away!

It is absolutely fantastic and such a perfect memento of the day

Toby & LucyJanuary 2020


Possible Additional Charges

1. Any cover starting earlier than 9am or finishing later than 8:30pm may incur additional charges with any of our Standard Packages. Our Full Day packages have no time restrictions but are restricted to a duration of 11-hours or less from arrival.
2. There are no travel charges in most of mainland England & Wales unless we advise you otherwise when checking our availability. All other locations are subject to travel & accommodation charges. For international weddings or those outside mainland Great Britain, please contact us for a quote.
3. Parking & Access Costs – for city-centre based weddings where parking charges are at a premium, these costs may be passed on to our clients. We advise clients to book venues with ample free parking. The client is also responsible for ensuring we have free access to capture your day at all locations you have requested.
4. Venue charges (e.g. Church fees). We do not cover these so you will be responsible for paying these prior to the wedding. Please contact us if your venue is planning to charge you as we may be able to alter coverage to reduce/remove their fees

Coverage Limitations

Some useful information about what is/is not covered on the day:

It is the clients responsibility to secure access & permission for filming and/or photography at each venue you require us at. Notably, churches tend to have strict rules and may even charge you an additional fee (which the client is responsible for). Your venue(s) might only allow access from a certain area which may or may not be obstructed during critical moments. In very rare circumstances, video and/or photography might not be allowed at all so please double check before booking. We are not responsible for any lost coverage due to venue rules or unpaid access fees by the client.

For all photography & video packages, our start time & finish time will be determined by your package. For Standard packages, coverage starts with guest arrivals one hour before the ceremony is due to start (no preparations). Coverage ends with the First Dance/8:30pm/after 8.5 hours (whichever comes first). For Full Day packages, start and finish time is flexible however the hour before the ceremony should be kept clear so we can setup and film the guests as they arrive.

Your package time allowance begins soon as we arrive at the first venue you have requested. We recommend selecting venues close to each other to minimise redundant time driving.

Parking should be made available at every location you require us at and be within 100m of the entrance (due to loading and unloading equipment and not leaving it unattended). We are not responsible for any lost footage due to inadequate parking facilities. Where parking is not available, we might not be able to cover that address.

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